How Lynn came to my rescue, and "exterminated" unsightly spider veins!

Ahhh, finally; sweet, sweaty, summertime. It’s time to enjoy the beach, rooftop lounges, poolside parties and a dress down attitude.  It’s all good fun that goes with lighter, brighter colors and silhouettes that show more leg and then some…   My immediate emergency concern was wanting to wear flirty skirts and dresses that somehow don’t look right or feel right with stockings or leggings in the summer.


My problem?

Some not so itsy-bitsy spider veins that are very visible on my calves keeping those cute sexy dresses collecting dust in my closet.  Since my tarantula type of spider vein would not be easily zapped with a laser, I needed to find a better way to “exterminate” this unsightly situation quickly.

The solution?

I asked Nurse Lynn Wojton, expert injector, for an evaluation.  With a wave of her hand, she said “easy, I can take care of that.”  Yes! Music to my ears.  She recommended a procedure called Sclerotherapy, which is done by injecting a mild chemical solution into the incompetent vein.  The procedure restores proper circulation by re-routing the blood supply to a healthy vein.  Lynn recommended two to three treatments based on the severity of my veins. 

The Results?

I’ve had two treatments so far and I am already seeing fantastic results!! “Ba-Bye” tarantula veins... “Hello” sexy legs and outfits. 

Read more about the Sclerotherapy procedure and possible side effects, which are very minor.