Meet your skin's new best friend Clear + Brilliant

I’ve been a nurse in the cosmetic world for ten years and my face is my calling card.   I’ve been lucky enough to work and train under some of the most successful plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the country.  This has provided me the opportunity to get my hands on almost every laser and cosmetic device out there.  I’m the skeptic’s skeptic and it takes a lot to impress me. What has impressed me is the Clear + Brilliant laser. 

I’m able to offer noticeable improvement in most of my patient’s skin with just one treatment.  For patients with more complex issues such as melasma and significant sun damage, I recommend a series of treatments.

I’m looking in the mirror as I write this, and I’m noticing a few brown spots on my cheeks and some rough patches on my forehead.  Fortunately the Botox in my furrows is masking my contempt for these signs of aging.  After the success I had with Clear + Brilliant at another office, I begged Chelsea Cosmetic to invest in this  gem and I can hardly contain myself waiting for it to arrive on Monday.  Now I won’t have to buy my winter shade of concealer to hide these sun spots. Waking up with a glow to my skin is priceless! 

This treatment is virtually painless and other than some mild redness, the downtime is negligible.  Do me a favor.  Stand up right now, go to your bathroom, turn on the lights and look at your skin with a critical eye.  Do you see enlarged pores?  Is the texture uneven?  Are there any new freckles or sunspots left over from the summer?  Are you starting to detect fine lines and wrinkles? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Clear +Briliant is your new best friend.